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Nowadays due to technology and sampling real talent is lost in translation. It's rare to come across an honestly talented person who has a real God given gift that bring tears to your eyes and a lump in your throat from sheer amazement at hearing what beautiful music is supposed to sound like. Trané N'Chel is such a wonderful songstress with the ability to touch your heart and soul with her voice and beauty that could only come from heaven. Alot of real music role models are gone, so don't miss the opportunity to listen to or meet another woman with a heart of gold and a fabulous voice to match. Trané is a period in time, she is just what this generation, or what this world needs, her sound will give you perspective on who you are and what you are looking for in life” - Dallas Cleveland
Trané. I really enjoyed that 70's party. I hope there is another one in the future.. I can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve next for us.. Chaka Khan today maybe Gladys Knight without the Pips tomorrow Thanks for all you have done in our communities by giving back to the kids and the elders..Not only through your music .. By telling them; that you are someone who is willing to listen to their story reminding them that they are not alone ....THANKS” - Bennie Brown (Business Owner)
I haven't contacted you before, but I'm compelled to reach out to you. Music last night was epic and will be talked about for some time. I truly enjoy knowing you and working with you! You are a special person and your light shines onto everyone who meets you. Thank you for being you. My sister and her friend were just smiling and enjoying you and your music. I invited my sister 2 months ago to make the trip from Augusta to see you sing. My sister took care of our mother for years and had to give up doing anything for herself. Mom left us Christmas 2021 and my sister is really now getting back into her life. Your show was just what she needed to enjoy. As Fox Music Sound Engineer I really only do certain live shows because of my day job. When Fox came to me two months ago, they could barely got Trané out of their mouth and I was all in. Thank you, I hope we work together again at Fox Music.” - Bert Mann (Fox Music House Inc.)